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The range of corporate gifts available at DMI ensures that your promotional campaign or corporate marketing strategy is well received and long remembered.

From the eco friendly drink bottle from 24 Bottles to the sensational Senz umbrella - our diverse range stand out due to their great design and consideration of the environment. Check out our different product categories from outstanding European designers below.


Senz – Umbrellas


Surprise your clients, business relations or employees with the perfect business gift. A Senz umbrella! Here are 3 reasons why:

Unique - Give your clients, suppliers or employees something to remember you by with a customized senz° umbrella. Unique in shape and style you can create a real wow factor.

Durable - Your personalized senz° umbrella won’t let you down in a storm – it’s made to withstand the toughest of winds. Your brand will make a lasting impression.

Street presence - We all need and use an umbrella on a regular basis. So rest assured your brand will be in the public eye on many an occasion.


Secrid – Wallets

Secrid Product Range

Your clients, suppliers or employees will thank you when you give them a Secrid wallet. Especially when they go travelling! Why? Read on …

Plastic cards have a hard time, they get bent and become brittle in your pocket. In particular, RFID/NFC cards are not safely stored in a regular wallet. RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) or NFC (Near Field Communication) cards have a chip and an antenna for wireless communication. These cards, such as the public transportation pass, new credit cards and admission tickets, can be activated, selected and copied from up to many metres away, without you noticing. The Secrid Cardprotector works as a firewall in your wallet.

To safely use an RFID/NFC card, you slide it out 3 cm from the Cardprotector; the sensitivity for the radio signal is then substantially reduced, but still sufficient for contact over short distances. By minimising the time duration and signal strength, you remain outside the reach of digital pickpockets.

The Cardprotector itself is able to be branded, so well worth a thought next time you’re looking for the perfect corporate gift that won’t break the budget.


24 Bottles – Eco Bottles

24 Bottles customized reusable stainless steel bottles and pints can save your company a lot of hassle while enhancing your brand’s image. The fact is that sustainability is convenient, comfortable, saves you money and in this case makes you look good.

We want your employees and customers to have a customized, durable, and unbreakable item to quench their thirst at their desk as well as on the go.

Our customized products will help you: Reduce CO2 emissions; Save space and money; Drink more water; Spread your logo; Enhance your corporate identity; Reduce waste; Organize your own eco-friendly event.

  • Imagine no more water supplies and garbage from single-use plastic bottles
  • Imagine an unbreakable alternative to glass bottles and cups
  • Imagine your corporate name and logo on every bottle
  • Day by day an increasing number of companies are set on becoming environmentally conscious. It’s time to join the revolution and save the planet


Lexon – Gadgets & Bags

Lexon’s passion for new never rests, and continuously drives everything they do. To the point that each season, with every new talented designer encountered and with every fledgling innovation discovered, we sense an opportunity to disrupt preconceptions, again.

From identifying functions and needs to fulfilling the desires which emerge from freshly developed environments, these are all opportunities to attend to others’ wishes as we would do our own. Design is our most accurate way of humbly, yet joyfully translating these into the life we envisage in which progress is celebrated every day. The point where the presence of the moment meets projection into the future is symbolic of our professional being. And the inspiration for all our work.


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