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  • Ester & Erik - Scented Candle 1 Wick - Harald

    Ester & Erik - Scented Candle 1 Wick - Harald

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    Harald 1 Wick
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    With a natural scent of Nordic nature, the candles from Ester & Erik represent the affection for Danish traditions and the dedication to pure, Nordic fragrances. The essence of Denmark; shaped and characterised by a long history of Kings and Queens and the incredible forces of nature. The name HARALD derives from the ancient Nordic name Harjawaldar meaning "ruler". Harald was also the name of the Danish King who ruled the Danish Vikings more than a thousand years ago: Harald Bluetooth.

    Features and specifications

    Composition: Cistus flower, grain genever/juniper, nut meg, white thymus, sage, cedar wood, moss, labdanum
    1 Wick Burning Time: 45-50 hours
    Packaging: Gift Box Included

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