• Senz - XXL Stick Umbrella - Auto Close - Mid Night Blue

    Senz - XXL Stick Umbrella - Auto Close - Mid Night Blue

    Available in: 2 Colours

    Mid Night Blue
    Pure Black

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    When was the last time you found yourself fighting your umbrella? You were probably struggling to hold your umbrella in the wind, it either turned inside out, broke, or almost poked you in the eye, leaving you soaking wet and your umbrella in the bin. This happens to all of us. An amazing 1,100,000,000 umbrellas are thrown away each year! It's the exact frustration that let to the start of senz°. It's the reason why senz° reinvented the traditional umbrella into an iconic design. The senz° umbrella is a lot smarter: it always finds the most comfortable position in the wind, which makes it feather light to hold, and it doesn't turn inside out, even in 100 km/h storms!

    Features and specifications

    Colour: Mid Night Blue
    Canopy Size: 110cm x 107cm
    Stormproof: Up to 100km/h